Sober Coaching in Langford

Sober coaching in Langford is available by Trista Zamany at West Coast Interventions. 

What is a Sober Coach?

As sober coach is a non-clinical specialist who provides as a personal guide and mentorship with the recovering individual and their family.  They provide strength-based support about life choices, with the priority assisting in ways to help them not pick up a drink, substance or other codependent and addictive behaviours.  A Sober Coach can be referred to in several terms:

  • Recovery Coach
  • Sober Companion
  • Recovery Support Specialist
  • Family Recovery Coach
  • Virtual Recovery/Sober Coach

Essentially all the titles above do the same thing; help keep the recovering addict on the right path to living a healthy life they deserve in recovery.  Sober Coaches can work with those still struggling with addiction as well as clients that are in a recovery program. 

How is a Sober Coach different from a 12 Step Sponsor?

With relation to the substance and other addictive behaviours, a Sober Coach will be able to work with a traditional 12 step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, as well as a non 12 step program.  Everybody recovers differently and it is up to the Sober Coach to determine what works best for their client as they develop a connection with them through full transparency. 

Often the question is asked; how does a recovery coach differ from an 12 step sponsor?  A 12 step sponsor is solely there to share their experience, strength and hope through the 12 steps.  A sponsor does not provide direction on their life path, counselling, or outside resources.

A life coach aspect is also part of sober coaching.  Recovery coaches help find resources for detox, treatment centres, family support, education, employment, local or on-line support groups and any other resources specific to the clients’ unique needs.

What makes a successful Sober Coach?

Firstly, a successful, dependable and reliable sober coach will have been through addiction themselves and come out the other side living a successful life of recovery.  Secondly, they are with their clients every step of the way and is a unique setting that clients most likely will not receive from a counsellor, therapist, sponsor or medical professional.  In conclusion, Sober coaches go above and beyond as they are walking alongside their client every step of the way; for both professional and personal.

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