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Our Mission

We are trusted professionals.

It is our belief that when a family is properly educated about the illness of addiction and are ready to set clear, firm boundaries to protect themselves, an intervention cannot fail. We will map out the entire road for you starting in the first, free consultation.

Once we’ve got all of the pertinent information, we’re able to create a family tree and explore what exactly has gone wrong with the individual who is struggling with addiction. We’ll explore what sort of aggravating factors have led them down the road of addiction, as well as come to a consensus about what can be done to solve them. We aren’t here to judge; we’re here to save lives.

We’ll map out an entire plan that everyone understands and see it through to completion. One of the first things we’ll explore is whether the Intervention will be of the surprise variety or as an organized meeting. We will walk the entire family and friend group what we expect, and put you in a place where you’ll be able to hold firm to the lines in the sand that we’ve created as a team.

The main things that we’ll get across are:

  • Their family loves and cares for them immensely.
  • Going forward, they will be held accountable for their behaviours.
  • The rules have changed.
  • We will no longer be swayed by manipulation.
  • We have a solution and all you need to do is say yes.

Once we get your loved one in treatment, our work still isn’t complete. We will walk the entire road with them and ensure they are in a place where lasting success is both viable and achievable. We will mentor, support, facilitate, counsel and render any other type of support that’ll help.

We are approachable and will be your sounding board for everything addiction related.

Experience. Professionalism. Results.