Why is “mommy wine culture” a thing?

I can’t tell you how many times I come across feeds on my Instagram and facebook all about how “mommy juice” is the solution and what a great thing “mommy wine culture” is.  Addict or not, mind altering substances are NEVER the solution.  Below I will explain the risks and challenges with promoting “mommy wine culture” as something positive.

why promoting mommy wine culture is not healthy

Of course, we are an addiction blog so we know there is going to be addiction issues related to “mommy wine culture” but let’s first state the obvious:

  • Drinking every day is not healthy and increases risks for so many things for women, including breast cancer and liver damage, to name a few.  During the pandemic, Alcohol Liver Disease (ALD) increased in women significantly
  • When moms consume alcohol, kids aren’t getting their full attention

I receive a lot of emails about clothing promotions and there are so many sporting “wine mom” and how glamorous it is.  It is marketing to have moms appear to be young at heart and “oh so much fun”, when in reality it becomes a coping tool and not a healthy one at that.  How about sport a Sober Badass or Sober Bombshell tank?  There’s a lot more honesty in that!

“Mommy wine culture” pressures moms to drink who may not normally partake.  I know when I was in my alcoholism, I made sure everyone around me was consuming so I didn’t appear to have a problem. Other deeper problems that can come out of this marketing culture of “fun wine moms” are the following:

  • Moms may have unresolved postpartum depression issues and consuming alcohol will only aggravate this challenge
  • Moms are setting an example for their kids as kids learn from watching behaviours, not from what they are told
  • It becomes a mask for functioning alcoholism

The wine will never help the problem or provide the solution.  What moms need is support, human connection and self love.  We are here to help.