Lifeguard App – dealing with the opioid crisis

The Lifeguard app was developed as a safety tool for anyone using alone. Unfortunately, in the province of British Columbia the opioid crisis is a daily reminder of what addiction does to the people we love.  People can use the recently developed Lifeguard app to assist with safe using.  The Lifeguard app works in a way that when the user is unresponsive it alerts emergency responders automatically.  In the first 60 days of implementing this app, which can be downloaded on Apple App Store or Google App store, 9 lives were saved.  Statistics show that 90% of accidental overdose deaths happen when people use drugs alone.

Being informed, educated and learning how to use a kit can help save lives.  There is a short, 10 minute video anyone can watch Home — Take Home Naloxone ( Once the video has been watched and questions answered, a certificate is issued. A naloxone kit can be picked up at a number of locations. (listed on the website) There are many ways to get involved and partner in helping to end stigma. Building awareness and educating is being part of the solution to the opioid crisis.  

The Lifeguard app is a temporary solution when an addict is in active addiction.  It is a great resource for those willing to use it. The reality is that lives are being lost daily and this doesn’t need to happen. There is help. The ideal solution is to help your loved one out of the downward spiral they are living.  There are specific ways to handle these situations. A professional Interventionist that has lived a life of addiction and recovered from it can help the struggling addict and their family.