Signs of hitting “rock bottom”

What is rock bottom?

Rock bottom sounds like such an ominous word, but it hits differently for everyone.  Every recovering addict has a different story of how the timing worked for when they got clean and sober. Typically, when we think of rock bottom, we think of something awful happening to make someone just quit drugs and alcohol.  A non-addict would think that a drunk person acting belligerent or our of character, getting arrested, getting in a car accident, blacking out and the list goes on, would be enough to make them quit.  Unfortunately that is not how addiction works.

One person’s rock bottom could take them all way to losing everyone and everything and being homeless, whereas another person may just wake up in their comfy bed and realize they can’t live this way anymore.  There is no black and white answer and every person is unique.

Are there warning signs when someone is about to hit rock bottom?

Of course we could make a list like so many other blog sites have that details all the “warning signs”

  • Lose a job
  • Lose custody of your kids
  • Black out
  • Wake up and not know where you are
  • Get arrested
  • Go to jail
  • Failed marriage
  • Overdose
  • Car accident
  • Not able to function properly.
  • Not doing the things you once enjoyed (hobbies etc.)
  • And the list goes on and on and on….

But, as mentioned above, there really is no clear defined rock bottom.  Everyone is different.

What to do when someone you love is hitting a rock bottom?

Some people don’t know when they’ve hit a rock bottom and may just keep going and going and going and never stop.  This is where an Intervention comes in as we can help you help your loved on not keep hitting rock bottom after rock bottom. 

We can facilitate a meeting with you and then your loved one and get them intro treatment where they can deal with what is going on inside of them.  They will learn there is another solution and a better way to live their life.

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