Is my partner an addict?

Addiction is a cunning, baffling disease and it can be nearly impossible most of the time to actually catch an addict using drugs.   They will do everything they can to hide, lie, cheat and not admit they are in active addiction.  You are not crazy if you think something is up as it most likely is. If you are asking yourself the question, is my partner an addict, then you need to trust your intuition.

There are some obvious signs, such as:

  • Any kind of drug paraphernalia: pipes, papers, dirty spoons or knives, syringes, tinfoil, roach clips, straws, razor blades, small mirrors
  • Physical marks on body
  • Constant itching – an addict can feel like there are crawling out of their own skin when using or in withdrawal
  • Red eyes, pin point pupils, enlarged pupils
  • Poor hygiene habits

The less obvious signs can be hard to nail down, especially if you are not familiar with addiction.  The behaviour can be secretive where you just can’t seem to nail down specifically what is happening.

What happens when you live with an addict?

I’ve heard it said that, “a crazy person makes a normal person crazy”.  The disease of addiction wears off on the person they are in a relationship with and causes so much pain and negativity.  Below are a few points that can affect you live or living situation with an addict:

  • anxiety and stress
  • depression
  • guilt
  • anger and embarrassment
  • financial problems
  • inconsistencies in rules, schedules, and routines
  • physical and security danger (risk is higher if the person with the addiction is currently intoxicated or seeking drugs)

    What happens when you live with an addict?

    With no emotions attached the obvious answer is yes, but we know that’s not how it works when we love someone.  Addiction will always escalate unless treated.  There is the option of getting your partner help through a drug and alcohol intervention and getting them into drug and alcohol treatment.

    If the behaviour is affecting your children, it is important children aren’t subject to living with an addict.  If your partner is abusive and this doesn’t have to be physical – it can be derogatory language and cruel behaviour.

    How do you deal with an addicted partner?

    As mentioned above you can leave the relationship and a lot of times even that won’t straighten them up as it doesn’t mean you are less important than their drug or alcohol use.  It does mean their addiction has that much power over them and they are essentially powerless.

    You can get them help through an Intervention and drug and alcohol treatment.  We are here to help. Call us at 1-888-438-9991.