Is it possible to completely recover from addiction?

Doing what we do and coming from a life of addiction ourselves, we often get asked this question, “is it possible to completely recover from addiction”?  The answer to this is lengthy and varied, but the short answer is yes.  Addiction is entirely treatable, but not curable.  It never goes away entirely, meaning if an alcoholic or addict (one in the same) was to have a substantial amount of clean and sober (also one in the same) time and then decide to pick up a substance again; they would find themselves back in the cycle of addiction.

That being said, once the cycle is broken an addict can live a wonderful life, provided they maintain a spiritually, mentally and physically fit lifestyle.  It does take worth, but so does living a life of addiction.  Everyone recovers differently but once the initial process has started, be it through an Intervention, treatment, or recovery coaching, there are many ways to maintain recovery.

Medical Monitoring

This can be the second step after the above mentioned and really helps for those individuals going back to a workplace where they need to be accountable for their sobriety.

12 Step programs

Many people remain clean and sober by working a spiritual program through any of the 12 step programs, with the most common being Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, but there are many others.


Finding an outlet, be it boxing, running, weight lifting, biking or any kind of physical exercise you choose can be very beneficial to recovery.  It releases energy and can help regulate emotions.

Meditation and Yoga

Both meditation and yoga are mind calming and coming from a mind that it is in constant chaos, this can be a wonderful release.

Counselling and/or Therapy

Counselling and/or therapy is very useful way to work through past traumas, which is where a lot of addiction issues stem from.  There are a variety of different methods and there are specific drug and alcohol counsellors.

In conclusion and to answer the question, is it possible to completely recover from addiction, the answer is yes.